11 Best Badoo Alternatives to Chat with Strangers for Free

Badoo dating app is a very popular app for meeting new people and its user-friendly interface makes building meaningful connections simple and easy.

I have personally tried these apps and in this article, I’ll walk you through the top alternatives to Badoo, highlighting what makes each one special.

These platforms make it easy to connect with people globally. Pick the app that fits you best for a smooth and enjoyable video chatting experience.

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1. Tinder: Badoo Similar App

Tinder - Badoo Alternatives

Tinder is a dating app with 60 million users worldwide and is perfect for both casual and serious dating. It was originally for young people, but now it attracts all ages, including middle-aged individuals.

The app is LGBTQ-friendly, appealing to a diverse user base, and popular worldwide, which ensures matches even in smaller cities and works on Android and iOS platforms.

The swiping feature makes connecting easy, and the location filter ensures closeness and shared interests.

Users have profile freedom but must follow guidelines to avoid suspension. Though lacking advanced filters, Tinder excels at connecting users with nearby matches who share common interests.

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The features of Tinder are listed below:-

  • Worldwide Connections: Tinder links users globally, ensuring matches in smaller cities.
  • Swipe Ease: The app’s swiping simplifies connecting with potential matches.
  • Inclusive Community: Tinder is LGBTQ-friendly, welcoming users of all orientations.
  • Proximity Matching: With a location filter, Tinder connects users with nearby matches who share similar interests.

2. Match.Com – Badoo Similar App

Match.com a Badoo Alternatives, has been a popular online dating platform for almost 20 years and it has 20 million active users, the majority of whom are looking for serious, long-term relationships.

The app is aimed at individuals aged 35 – 47 and the platform is accessible on both an app and a website.

While over 55% of users are in the USA, Match.com may pose limitations for those in smaller countries. Despite lacking advanced search filters, Match.com utilizes a successful matchmaking algorithm with questionnaires and personality tests.

Membership options include a $18/month standard plan with limited features and a $24/month premium plan offering full access.


The features of Match.com are listed below:

  • Diverse Matches: Match.com provides a large and diverse community for a wide range of potential matches.
  • Smart Filters: Refine preferences with powerful search filters for personalized match suggestions.
  • Easy Messaging: Match.com offers user-friendly messaging features for easy connection and communication with matches.
  • Verified Profiles: Build trust with profile verification options, ensuring genuine and authentic connections.

3. Chatous – Badoo Similar App

Chatous is a fun app to meet new people online using your phone. You can share photos, videos, and audio files, and they disappear in six seconds for privacy reasons.

It is a great app for staying in touch with friends or making new ones worldwide, and the best part is, it’s completely free!

Give it a try – download now to connect with your loved ones!


The features of Chatous are listed below:-

  • Discover with Hashtags: Easily find and connect with people who share your interests using hashtags.
  • Identity Protection: Keep yourself safe by changing your display name and securing your identity.
  • Enhanced Safety: With Chatous app your conversations are securely saved on a web platform for added safety.
  • Easy Media Sharing: Effortlessly share videos, audio, and photos with your connections.

4. Meet Me – Badoo Similar App

Badoo Alternatives

 MeetMe is also Badoo Alternatives, is a free video call app available on both Android and iOS platforms where users can connect with people globally in an instant, making chatting with strangers a fun experience.

To use the app, simply create a profile, and share your interests, and MeetMe will suggest like-minded individuals.

Additionally, users can enhance their profile with a thoughtful bio for better connections. Join MeetMe for quick and enjoyable interactions, anytime and anywhere!


The features of MeetMe are listed below:-

  • Global Connections: Meet and chat with people worldwide by broadening your social network for a richer online experience.
  • Cross-Platform Availability: Access MeetMe seamlessly on both Android and iPhone devices, ensuring convenience for all users.
  • Massive User Community:  MeetMe is a vibrant community with 150 million monthly active users, creating a diverse and lively social platform.

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5. Zoosk – Free Sites Like Badoo

Zoosk is an online dating platform known for its user-friendly approach and smart matching system. Whether you’re an experienced online dater or new to the online dating world, Zoosk is your ideal service for meaningful connections.

With a fun and easy-to-use interface, Zoosk helps you find the perfect match for a loving relationship. With over 30 million app downloads and a database of 40 million singles, your chances of meeting someone special are excellent.

For a fun dating experience download Zoosk app today!


The features of Zoosk app are listed below:-

  • SmartMatch Technology: Get personalized matches based on your preferences with the Zoosk app.
  • Photo Verification: Trust genuine connections through verified user photos.
  • Carousel Feature: Swipe through matches quickly for a fun dating experience.
  • Broad User Base: Users can find a wide range of dating opportunities with Zoosk’s diverse community.

6. SkoutBadoo Similar App

Skout is an amazing app with over 50 million downloads on the Play Store, making it a great choice for video chatting with people located nearby.

Users can chat with others using video, voice, or text, and even spice things up by sending virtual gifts or sharing videos and photos.

Additionally, users have the option to use location filters or find folks who share similar interests.

Skout app works on both iOS and Android platforms, and they take content rules seriously to keep things safe.

For more fun download the Skout app today and start chatting with new friends!


The features of Skout are listed below:-

  • Video Streaming: Users can easily share their favorite videos and showcase themselves.
  • Profile Views: Stay informed about who’s checking out your profile.
  • Regular Updates: Experience frequent updates for fresh features and improvements.
  • Profile Promotion: Boost your profile for increased visibility.

7. E Harmony – Free Sites Like Badoo

Badoo Alternatives - EHarmony

eHarmony is an older dating site for Americans aged 35-45 looking for serious relationships, but it’s less effective for users outside the USA or in smaller cities. Unfortunately, it’s not LGBTQ+ friendly.

The website and app function, but their outdated design may not appeal to everyone. To access all features, a paid membership ranging from $66 to $95 monthly is required.

Despite having quality profiles and many users, eHarmony lacks certain features like limited photo uploads and no video chats.


The features of eHarmony are listed below:-

  • Serious Relationships: EHarmony is for those looking for long-term, serious commitments.
  • Age Focus: It’s mainly for folks between 35 and 45 years old.
  • Geographical Reach: EHarmony is popular in the USA, but it may be less effective for users outside the country or in smaller cities.
  • Not LGBTQ+ Friendly: EHarmony isn’t the best choice if you’re a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

8. BeNaughtyBadoo Similar App

BeNaughty is an adults-only dating site focused on fun and free expression. It features exciting content, and you have the option to blur nude photos for a touch of mystery.

For a more enhanced experience, it is recommended to go with premium versions. Subscribers can send messages, browse incognito, and receive alerts when their messages are read by someone special.

It’s a great app to make the most of your dating adventure!


The features of BeNaughty are listed below:-

  • Photo Privacy: With the BeNaughty app users can keep things mysterious by blurring nude photos according to their preference.
  • Premium Benefits: Upgrade to premium versions for the best experience – send messages, browse incognito, and receive message-read alerts.
  • Adventurous Dating: Users can enjoy a great dating experience with BeNaughty’s user-friendly features.

9. OkCupid

Back in 2004, the creators of OkCupid created a perfect app for lovers.

They made a free dating site where members can send unlimited messages and make lasting relationships. OkCupid’s user-friendly interface helps you explore shared interests and compatibility through detailed dating profiles.

In short, this app is all about making meaningful connections effortlessly!


The features of OkCupid are listed below:-

  • Unlimited Messaging: Users can chat as much as they want on OkCupid without any cost.
  • Easy Compatibility: Users can find shared interests effortlessly with various dating profiles.
  • Love Made Simple: OkCupid was made to simplify the love-making process, concentrating on what makes relationships strong.

10. Elite Singles – Free Sites Like Badoo

EliteSingles app is a great pick for highly educated smart singles. This app is made for people with degrees, with over 80% having a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate.

Most members are 30 or older, and every month, 165,000 new singles join, with 2,500 finding love. It’s a classy option for those wanting a real connection.


The features of EliteSingles are listed below:-

  • Smart Matches: EliteSingles helps you to find matches that really fit you, especially if you’re into education.
  • Great for Grown-ups: This app has lots of members who are 30 or older. If you’re looking for more mature connections, this is the right app for you.
  • Success Stories: Every month, tons of new people join EliteSingles, and thousands of them find their love.

11. Bumble – Dating App Similar to Badoo

Bumble is a user-friendly dating and social app with over 21 million users globally. It helps people build valuable relationships, make friends, and connect with others.

Finding someone similar to you has always been challenging, as Bumble lets you filter by criteria like religion and height. The app has a simple interface, just sign in through Facebook, add a photo, and start swiping to meet potential matches.

Bumble goes beyond romance, emphasizing connections of all kinds. You can enjoy features like favorite conversations, quick chats, swiping, searching, and sending photos.

For more enhanced features upgrade to the Premium version.


The features of the Bumble app are listed below:-

  • Simple Setup: The app has an easy sign-in process with Facebook, add a photo, and start connecting.
  • Customized Filtering: Users can find someone similar to them by filtering for criteria like religion and height.
  • Versatile Connections: Bumble is not just about dating it emphasizes on friendships and connection-building for a better social experience.


These are some of the Best alternatives to Badoo for a safe and private video chat experience. Choose your favorite from the list, connect with people worldwide, and make meaningful friendships.

FAQs About Badoo Alternatives

Q. Is Badoo accessible worldwide?

A. Yes, Badoo is available globally, allowing users from different countries and cities to connect.

Q. Is Badoo budget-friendly?

A. Yes, Badoo provides various subscription options, letting users choose plans that suit their budget while unlocking additional features for a richer dating experience.

Q. Are these Badoo alternatives safe?

A. Yes, these Badoo alternatives prioritize your safety and privacy, ensuring safe video calls and chats.

Q. Are these alternatives to Badoo free to use?

A. Yes, many of these alternatives to Badoo are free to use. Users can enjoy the app’s features without any cost, making them accessible to everyone.

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