Best FaceTime Alternatives for Random Video Chat

Facetime is a great voice and video chatting app, created by Apple for iPhone users.

It is a popular choice among Apple users due to its HD quality video calls and user-friendly interface.

If you’re a non Apple user and looking for Facetime on your phone, then unfortunately you can’t access it on Android devices because it is a built in app that supports only Apple devices.

Finding a replacement for the Facetime app can be a little tricky because the app is best known for its universal appeal.

We have included a list of the best facetime alternatives along with its unique features that will help you make your video chatting journey fun and memorable.

Best FaceTime Alternative Android

Skype Random Video Chat

  • Presented By: Skype
  • Updated on: Dec 13, 2023
  • Released on: Oct 4, 2010
  • Downloads: 1,000,000,000+ 

Facetime Alternatives

Skype online has been a popular video chatting app since 2003 and has gained popularity after Microsoft’s purchase in 2011.

It’s a default app for Windows phones that offers adaptable video chat which adjusts itself to different bandwidths while keeping an eye on call quality. After your call, you can even rate your experience.

Additionally, the basic Skype chat accounts are free, allowing unlimited one-on-one video chats across various platforms.

Group chats that was once a paid feature, are now included in the basic service. Just keep in mind, that calls to non Skype users may have charges.

You Can enjoy Skype download Here Android and iOS.

Features Of Skype Web

  • It is a great audio and video chatting app all for free.
  • You can enjoy smart messaging features and react to messages by using emojis and @mentions to grab someone’s attention.
  • The screen sharing features help you to share presentations, holiday photos, or anything else.
  • End to end encryption keeps your discussions private and safe.
  • Record on Skype calls, to capture special moments, or to note key decision points of any professional task.

Google Duo Video Call App

  • Presented By: Google LLC
  • Updated on: Jan 4, 2024
  • Released on: Aug 16, 2016
  • Downloads: 5,000,000,000+

Google Duo video call app

Google Duo app is just like the Android version of FaceTime that offers a straightforward live video chat service.

It is a user friendly platform, just open it, link it to your phone number, and start making calls. Despite being relatively new, Google Duo has become one of the top FaceTime alternatives.

You can use it on iPhones, Android phones, or even from a web browser where you can organize group calls with up to 12 participants, send video, audio, or text messages, and share photos.

You Can enjoy Google Duo app download Here Android app and iOS app.

Pros and Cons of Google Duo Mobile App

Google Duo lets you easily share your screen.The app comes with fewer features as compared to other similar apps like Facebook Messenger, and more.
Easily send voice messages, photos, videos, and notes with text or doodles to your friends all for free.Large data usage and consumes 8MB of data per minute during video calls.
This platform is cross platform compatible because it can be easily accessible on Android, iPhone, and web browsers. 
Easily pin contacts to your home screen.
Make use of various effects, filters, and portrait modes to enhance your video chatting experience.

Limitations of Duo on Google

  • Platform dependency
  • Bandwidth sensitive
  • Feature light
  • Compatibility
  • Integration

Justalk Video Chat & Calls

  • Presented By: JusTalk
  • Updated on: Jan 5, 2024
  • Released on: Feb 19, 2014
  • Downloads: 10,000,000+

Justalk Video Chat & Calls

JusTalk com is a fantastic video chatting service that offers high-quality video on all connections except 2G.

It provides cool features like doodling, image sharing, and theming during chats, making it a versatile app.

Beyond video calls, JusTalk online lets you do more, including HD voice calls on various networks, group calls with up to 50 participants, and doodling during live video chats.

Moreover, you can also record conversations with a tap, play games, exchange GIFs and stickers, and make low rate international calls using the OutCall feature.

Enjoy Justalk App download Here Android and iOS device.

Pros and Cons of JusTalk App

Easily connect with up to 50 friends with clear voice and HD video quality on various networks such as Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G connections.JusTalk falsely claimed end-to-end encryption but raised concerns about data access.
Share doodles, stickers, and photos in real-time, or challenge friends to play games during your call.Mandatory account creation for making calls on the app.
Your messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted ensuring privacy and securityThird-party ads, including those from Tinder and gambling apps, are featured on JusTalk
Record and save your favorite video and voice call with just simple a tap in your “Memories.”
Easily send texts, photos, videos, stickers, and emojis to friends to make fun interactions with each other.

Feature About Jus Talk App

  • High quality
  • User friendly
  • Secure
  • Interactive
  • Cross platform
  • Free

Snapchat Random Video Chat with Females

  • Presented By: Snap Inc
  • Updated on: Jan 4, 2024
  • Released on: Oct 29, 2012
  • Downloads: 1,000,000,000+ 


Snap chat com is a unique messaging app that is widely popular for its photo chatting feature instead of traditional text.

You can also indulge in text chats, voice chats, and video chats with up to 16 people. 

The app is free, comes with fun virtual reality features and applying fun snapchat filters. With over 210 million user base, it’s a top video chat choice for Android and iPhone users.

It’s a trendy FaceTime alternatives with a dynamic mix of features for a lively chat experience.

You can enjoy Snapchat download Here Android app and iOS app.

Features of Snapchat Web

  • It is a widely used photo chatting app.
  • This app supports voice, text, and video chats for diverse conversations.
  • With this app, you can enjoy video chatting with up to sixteen people simultaneously.

Limitations of Snapchat Online

  • Privacy
  • Discoverability
  • Storage
  • Screen
  • Advertising

WhatsApp Random Video Calling

  • Presented By: WhatsApp LLC
  • Updated on: Dec 18, 2023
  • Released on: Oct 18, 2010
  • Downloads: 5,000,000,000+ 


WhatsApp web is a popular and free alternative for FaceTime on Android, that provides smooth text, voice, and video communication across various operating systems(OS). 

It is a simple app that lets you stay connected with friends from your computer or smartphone. Just remember, you can only chat with friends who also have gb WhatsApp.

Additionally, you can enjoy a fun chat experience with a variety of GIFs and emojis, and even take photos or record voice messages.

You can enjoy gb Whatsapp download Here Android and iOS app.

Pros and Cons of GB Whatsapp APK

Free voice and video chatting app.Privacy concerns regarding personal data.
End to end message encryption.Risk of scammers and hackers.
Helps in media sharing.Addiction and constant distractions due to constant notifications.
Easy to backup and Restore data.
Supports emojis, and stickers, for a fun chatting experience.
Live location sharing feature.

Viber App – Chat with Strangers Video Call

  • Presented By: Viber Media S.à r.l.
  • Updated on: Dec 27, 2023
  • Released on: Jul 19, 2011
  • Downloads: 1,000,000,000+

Viber App

Viber web is one of the app similar to facetime that started as a text and audio messaging app but quickly evolved to include features like audio chat and video chat by 2014.

It has a clean and user friendly design that is created specifically for mobile use.

Although a desktop app was introduced in 2013, Viber chat primary focus remains on delivering excellent mobile interactions.

However, it has a limitation that Viber doesn’t allow communication with users outside its service, unlike platforms that use SMS.

You can enjoy Viber App download Here Android and iOS devices.

Features Of Viber Messenger App

  • Helps to enable smart notifications.
  • Helps to turn off the notifications.
  • You can delete a message for everyone if it is sent to the wrong person.
  • If you want to keep a message personal, simply use the Hide Chat feature.
  • Easily share your location with others.
  • Create doodles on any photo for extra fun.
  • Easily block or unblock any contact as per your needs.

Zoom Video Chat with a Strangers

  • Presented By:
  • Updated on: 27 Dec 2023
  • Released on: 24 Jan 2013
  • Downloads: 1,000,000,000+


Zoomcom is a widely popular video chat app that has gained fame during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is free for everyone and supports up to a hundred participants per call, making it a top choice for businesses and schools globally.

Additionally, it supports end-to-end encryption, screen sharing, and all kinds of other features. For one on one conversations, you want something like Google Duo or Facebook Messenger.

However, those who want the ability to scale up should definitely consider this app. 

You can downloadzoom for Android and iOS app.

Limitations of Zoom App

  • Bandwidth
  • Security
  • Interruptions
  • Compatibility
  • Dependence

Pros and Cons of Zoom Application

Free HD voice and video calls.
Zoom is cross-platform compatible and can be accessed via phone, web browser, and desktop client.Too many ads and subscriptions
End to end encryption.Lack of control on the comments part.
Easily schedule Zoom meetings and send invitations.Downloading the app is mandatory to join Zoom.
Easily share screens and record meetings.Inconsistent file storage on the cloud platform and it depends on the plan purchased.
The waiting room feature helps to manage the participant entry.

Facebook Messenger Video Call Chatting with Strangers

  • Presented By: Meta Platforms, Inc.
  • Updated on: Dec 19, 2023
  • Released on: Jan 30, 2014
  • Downloads: 5,000,000,000+

Facebook Messenger

Fb Messenger app stands as the world’s largest social media platform, with a surprising 2.4 billion active users, and its Messenger app is a popular messaging choice.

Whether or not you’re a Facebook user, Messenger is accessible on iOS, macOS, Windows, or Android devices. It enables text messages, video calls, and group video chats.

It is known as a alternative to face time on Android and simplifies video calls by connecting you with friends who use iOS or Android effortlessly.

You can enjoy Facebook Messenger download Here for Android and iOS app.

Features Of Facebook Messenger

  • It is a widely used chatting app.
  • The app is functional and cross platform compatible.
  • Users can chat through messages, and videos, and also add emojis for more fun.
  • Express yourself using fun AR effects, message effects, and selfie stickers.
  • Keep your chats extra secure by using a face or finger ID.

Pros and Cons of Messenger Lite

ConnectivityResource Intensive

JioMeet Free Video Chat with Strangers

  • Presented By: Jio Platforms Limited
  • Updated on: 5 Dec 2023
  • Released on: 17 May 2020
  • Downloads: 5,000,000+


Jio Meet app is a standout FaceTime alternatives on Android. With a user friendly interface, this platform ensures a simple yet effective experience.

Additionally, by using this app security of the users is a top most priority, offering features like password protected chats and a driving mode for added safety.

Try JioMeet for a smooth and secure group video chatting experience on your Android device!

You can enjoy Jiomeet App download here Android and iOS.

Features of JioMeet App

  • The app is simple and user friendly interface.
  • Connect with friends and family for a continuous 24 hour chat experience all for free.
  • The file sharing feature allows businesses to collaborate efficiently.
  • The app has an improved user interface along with robust security features.
  • Arrange your video calls with great layout options supporting up to 9 grids.

LIimitations of Jio Meet Pro

  • Features
  • Integration
  • Customization
  • Compatibility
  • Security
  • Awareness


These are the list of best FaceTime alternatives. Consider top choices like Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Google Duo. Many users also opt for apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, or WeChat to connect with friends and family via video chat.

Pick the one that suits you most and don’t forget to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

FAQs About FaceTime Alternatives

Q. Can I use FaceTime alternatives on Android devices?

A. Yes, most FaceTime alternatives are cross-platform and work on Android devices.

Q. Are FaceTime alternatives free to use?

A. Yes, many alternatives offer free basic services, but some may also have premium features with associated costs.

Q. Can I make international calls with FaceTime alternatives?

A. Yes, many alternatives support international calls, often at lower rates than traditional phone services.

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