Gb WhatsApp Update: Features and Enhancements

GB WhatsApp update version of WhatsApp with advanced features such as privacy options, improved messaging, Anti-Ban, and DND mode.

It is claimed to be secure, safe, and responsive.


The GB group developed this WhatsApp mod based on Whatsapp plus, a former mod. The app allows users to customize its features and appearance. However, it is only available for Android users, as iOS users cannot install third-party applications.

The GB group continues to develop new functionalities daily, offering endless possibilities for customization. GBWhatsapp is only available for Android users.

GB WhatsApp Update Features: Unleashing the Power of Customization

Gb WhatsApp Update

  • Enhanced Privacy Settings: GB WhatsApp update provides advanced privacy settings that allow you to control who sees your profile picture, status, last seen, and more. You can choose to hide specific information from certain contacts, ensuring that your privacy is intact.
  • Customizable Interface: Are you tired of the same old WhatsApp interface? With GB WhatsApp, you can choose from a wide range of themes and customize the appearance of your app. From vibrant colors to elegant designs, the choice is yours!
  • Schedule Messages: Have you ever forgotten to send an important message at a specific time? GBWhatsApp has got you covered! With the scheduling feature, you can compose a message and set a specific time for it to be sent automatically. Never miss an important deadline again!
  • Increased Media Sharing Limit: The regular WhatsApp has limitations on the size and number of media files that can be shared. GBWhatsApp update lifts these limitations, allowing you to send larger files and multiple images in a single go. Share those high-resolution photos and videos without any hassle!
  • Anti-Revoke and Read Receipts: Ever regretted sending a message and wished you could delete it before it was seen? GBWhatsApp update offers an anti-revoke feature that enables you to delete messages even after they have been sent.

Note: Additionally, you can disable read receipts, giving you the freedom to read messages without the sender knowing.

Pros of GB Whatsapp Update

  • Download status directly to your phone
  • Hide double check and blue check
  • Hide last seen for specific contacts
  • Create a group name longer than 35 characters
  • Create a broadcast of around 600 contacts instead of 250
  • Please also upload the APK documents
  • Send 90 photos instead of 10 images every time
  • Customize the app icon and style
  • Send a 50 megabyte video clip instead of 16 Mb
  • Individual cottages can also be locked
  • Privacy options with more features

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Cons of Gb Whatsapp Update

  • The application does not come from a trustworthy source and may have some hidden signals that may jeopardize consumers’ privacy.
  • Can collect personal data of customers.
  • There is a lot of possibilities to infuse viruses or malware through GB WhatsApp on your phone. Because GB WhatsApp is housed on a less secure server.
  • There is a lot of opportunities that any kind of third-person can read your messages. Additionally, the third individual can read all information that you share through GB WhatsApp.

Gb whatsapp Update is safe or not? 

GB WhatsApp is an unofficial version of WhatsApp that is not available on the Google Play Store and has no official website. It is developed by a regular developer and is hosted on its own server which reveals all account details including chat history, photos and videos.

This is in contrast to the end-to-end encryption in official WhatsApp, which allows only you and your contacts to view messages, photos or videos.

GBWhatsApp update also asks for permission when installing, which can lead to data theft in the background.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use GBWhatsApp or other modified apps due to potential disadvantages.


GB WhatsApp Update revolutionizes the way we communicate through its remarkable features and unmatched flexibility. With enhanced privacy settings, customizable interface, and exciting customization options, GBWhatsApp update provides a more personalized and enjoyable messaging experience.

So, why wait? Download GBWhatsApp now and take WhatsApp messaging to a whole new level!


Q. Can I use GB WhatsApp on various devices?

A. Currently, GB WhatsApp update only allows one device per phone number. While it is not possible to use GB WhatsApp simultaneously on multiple devices, you can easily switch between devices by backing up and restoring your chat history.

Q. Is GB WhatsApp safe to use?

A. GB WhatsApp update is a reliable and safe application to use. However, since it is a third-party mod, it is important to download it from trusted sources to ensure the obtained version is clean and free of malware.

Q. How do I backup my GB WhatsApp data?

A. To backup your GBWhatsApp data, go to the app’s settings, select “Chats,” then “Chat backup.” From there, you can choose the frequency of automatic backups or manually back up your chats and media files to your device or cloud storage. This ensures that your precious messages and media are never lost.

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