Hinge Dating App Review: Find Love with a Swipe

The Hinge dating app was gaining popularity as a more relationship oriented alternative to some other dating apps like Tinder.

Hinge marketed itself as ‘the dating app designed to be deleted’ emphasizing its focus on helping users find meaningful and long-term connections. The app may have evolved or changed since then.

Hinge Dating App is a great app overall but there were some reviews about Hinge dating app review defaults that disappointed people, here’s what people felt lacking. 

What Is a Hinge Dating Site?

Hinge dating app distinguishes itself by offering a fresh perspective on modern dating. With its unique profile format and engaging ice-breaker prompts, Hinge dating app encourages more meaningful and authentic connections.

Instead of swiping mindlessly through photos, users can like and comment on specific aspects of profiles, fostering conversations that delve deeper into personality and interests. 

Hinge’s matching algorithm strives to provide tailored and compatible matches, making it easier for users to find those who share their values and preferences.

This app isn’t just about quick encounters; it’s about building long-lasting relationships.

With safety features, privacy settings, and a commitment to fostering a sense of community, Hinge offers a thoughtful and intentional approach to online dating, making it a great choice for those wanting to enter in genuine connections and meaningful relationships.

How Does Hinge Dating App Work?

Hinge is a dating app you can get for free on your iPhone or Android. It doesn’t cost anything to use, but there are some extras you can pay for if you want.

When you sign up, you have to give them the usual info like your name, email, birthdate, and where you live. You can also share more stuff about yourself, like your height, religion, and political views.

But what really makes Hinge unique, and something you must do to use the app, is filling out these things called “Prompts.

Reviews on Hinge Dating App

Hinge Dating App

  • You can trial the Hinge app for free for a while but you will eventually be asked to submit the $19.99 monthly membership fee. There are discounts if you spend on the 3 month plan $39.99, or the 6 month membership, $59.99. This feature of hinge dating is not liked by the users. 
  • People also mention online that they were seeing a lot of the same people on Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble. This made people also question that is the app is different or not from other apps. 
  • Some users have had trouble getting their Facebook information to be displayed the way they want it to on Hinge dating app.
  • Hinge dating app has a lot of great features.  But It’s annoying when it comes to running out of matches as without premium there are limited chances to like on a match’s profile  and the premium is way too expensive and not worthy.
  • Hinge can be a lot more slow when it comes to finding matches. If you are looking for something more on the casual side,  then this app might be a good thing but for long term matches it is not worthy to try.

Official website: Hinge

Where to Download Hinge Dating App?

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What Are the Special Features of the Hinge Dating App?

Profile Format – Hinge uses a unique profile format. Instead of just swiping left or right on photos, users can like and comment on specific parts of a person’s profile, such as photos or answers to prompts and questions. This approach encourages more thoughtful and engaging conversations.

Ice-Breaker Prompts– The app provides a variety of conversation prompts or questions that users can answer on their profiles. These prompts are designed to give others insight into their personality, interests, and values. This helps users start more meaningful conversations.

Matching Algorithm – Hinge uses an algorithm to suggest potential matches based on your profile information, preferences, and your interactions on the app. The goal is to provide more compatible and relevant matches.

Safety Features – Like most dating apps, Hinge has safety features in place, such as the ability to report and block users, verify your own profile, and share your date plans with a trusted friend for added safety.

Membership Options – Hinge offers both free and premium (paid) membership options. Premium members may have access to additional features, such as seeing who likes their profile, advanced preferences, and more.

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How to use Hinge Dating App?

Using Hinge Dating App is comparatively easy as it has very straightforward features.


Download and Install the App – First you will need to download the Hinge app from your device’s app store available on both iOS and Android.


Sign Up or Log In – You can sign up using your phone number or your Facebook account. You will be prompted to create a profile with your basic information, including your name, gender, and photos.


Complete Your Profile – Hinge has a unique profile format. You will be asked to add photos and answer prompts and questions designed to give others insight into your personality and interests. This is where you can be creative and showcase your individuality.


Adjust Your Preferences – Set your preferences for potential matches, including age range, location, and other criteria. This helps Hinge’s algorithm suggest compatible profiles.


Use Premium Features  – Hinge offers a premium membership that provides access to additional features this is optional though, such as seeing who likes your profile, advanced preferences, and unlimited likes. You can choose to subscribe to these features if you wish.


Safety and Privacy – Hinge has safety features, such as reporting and blocking users, as well as privacy settings to control what information is visible on your profile. Always look out for your safety when interacting with others online.

How Hinge Compares to Other Dating Apps

Hinge vs. Tinder

Tinder might be your go-to choice. It’s quicker and easier to set up your profile on Tinder compared to Hinge, and the overall atmosphere on Tinder leans more towards casual dating. So, if you’re up for a more relaxed dating experience, Tinder is your jam!

Bumble vs. Hinge

I actually like Hinge more than Bumble. The reason is, I’m not a fan of Bumble’s 24-hour match expiration rule if nobody starts a chat. Hinge gives you a more relaxed pace for chatting, with no time pressure.

On Hinge, you get to choose whether you want to make the first move or wait for the other person to do it.

But I must say, for women who enjoy taking the lead, Bumble can be pretty empowering. It’s all about what suits your style!


Hinge dating app is an app which stands out to look out for and build genuine connections in this world to spread love and peace. Although it’s not only dating available in the world, it  still has a very different and impeccable approach.

So if you are also looking for genuine and loving connections and you can not find a decent platform, hinge dating app is the one right here. 

FAQs About Hinge Dating App Review

Q. Is hinge dating app free?

A. Hinge offers both free and premium membership options. While many features are available for free, premium members may have access to additional features like seeing who likes their profile.

Q. Is hinge dating app safe to use?

A. Yes, hinge dating app is completely safe to use as it has many safety features and looks out for its user’s safety.

Q. Can I link my hinge dating app profile to my Facebook account?

A. Yes you can sign up for hinge dating app using your Facebook account, but it’s not required. Your phone number can be used to register.

Q. Can I use hinge dating app on my computer?

A. Yes before hinge dating app was only for mobile users but now its available for all.

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