Top 1 on 1 Video Call Free Apps with Strangers

Enter a world of immediate interactions and exciting talks! We’ve gathered the “Top 1 on 1 Video Call Free ” for you. These apps make it super easy to meet new people through video calls.

You can chat face-to-face with folks from all over the world, right from your device. Whether you just want a friendly chat or are looking to make new friends, these apps have lots of cool features to make your video calls awesome.

Enjoy talking to new people, finding shared interests, and having simple one-on-one conversations. Join us in exploring this world of virtual connections, where you can make friends and chat with people from anywhere.

List of Top 1 on 1 Video Call Free with Strangers

1. Mico Chat 1 on 1 Video Call Free

Presented By: Mico World

Released On: Jun 18, 2014

Updated On: Nov 21, 2023

Downloads: 50+ Million

mico chat app

MicoChat is a cool app where you can make friends from all over the world! You can talk to people through video calls, voice chats, and messages, even if they speak a different language, thanks to its translation feature.

It’s not just for chatting – you can also join groups about things you like and watch live shows. MicoChat is all about bringing people together, so everyone can connect, talk, and share experiences, no matter where they’re from.

Mico Chat App For Android And ios

Feature Of MicoChat:

  • Global Connections:

Connect with people worldwide through video calls, voice chats, and text messages.

  • Live Broadcasts:

Participate in live broadcasts and share experiences with the community.

  • Interactive Platform:

Enjoy an interactive platform that encourages communication and sharing across cultures.

  • Real-Time Translation:

Break language barriers with MicoChat’s unique feature for instant translation.

  • Cross-Cultural Communication:

Facilitate communication and the sharing of experiences among users from different cultures.

2. Kik: Messaging And Chat App

Presented By: MediaLab AI – Kik

Released On: Jun 25, 2010

Updated On: Nov 27, 2023

Downloads: 100+ Million

Kik Messaging And Chat App

The Kik Video Chat App is a cool tool for talking to friends or meeting new people. It’s easy to use with a nice look, and you can have video calls in a snap.

It keeps things private and secure, so you don’t have to worry. With Kik, you can chat face-to-face and share moments with friends, making it a fun way to stay connected.


  • The features of Just Talk are listed below:-
  • Instant Messaging
  • Multimedia Sharing
  • Read Receipts
  • face-to-face conversations with friends.

3. Holla 1 on 1 Video Call Free

Presented By: HOLLA

Released on: Jul 12, 2016

Updated on: Dec 12, 2023

Download: 10M+

Holla Video Chat App

Holla gives you a special way to meet people globally. With Holla- a video chatting app, you have the freedom to choose your gender and explore a list of strangers to chat with.

The experience gets even better as you can use various filters to connect with people from specific countries. Holla takes chatting to the next level by adding exciting features like sending virtual gifts and stickers, making your conversations more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a video chat that’s not only fun but also unique, giving Holla a try is a fantastic idea!

Features Of Holla

The features of Holla are listed below:-

  • Personalized Gender Selection: Customize your chat experience by choosing your preferred gender, ensuring a comfortable interaction based on your preferences.
  • Location-Based Filters: Easily refine your connections by applying filters based on location. Connect with individuals from specific countries or regions, making your conversations more relevant and interesting.
  • Gift and Sticker Sending: Add fun to your video chats with Holla’s feature that allows you to send gifts and stickers.
  • Global Connectivity: Holla allows you to connect with strangers worldwide. Expand your social circle, make new connections, and enrich your online experience.

4. MeetMe: Random Video Chat With Girls

Presented By:

Released on: Jul 1, 2010

Updated on: Dec 12, 2023

Download: 50M+

Meet Me Video Chat 1 on 1

MeetMe is a free video call app available for both Android and iOS users, that swiftly connects you with people worldwide. It has a diverse user base and stands out as a top-tier app for chatting with strangers.

You can create your profile, share interests, and let MeetMe effortlessly link you with like-minded people.

Moreover, adding a good bio enhances your profile and people can understand you in a better way, making the interaction more meaningful.

Join MeetMe for quick, enjoyable connections anytime, anywhere.

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Features Of Meet Me:

The features of MeetMe are listed below:-

  • Global Connectivity: Allows you to connect with strangers worldwide. Expand your social circle, make new connections, and increase your online experience.
  • Android & iPhone: A compatible app for both Android and iPhone users.
  • Wider user base: Has a 150 million monthly active user base.

5. Sweet Chat: Random Video Chat

sweet chat random video call

Presented By: Sweetchat

Released on: Oct 11, 2020

Updated on: Jan 7, 2021

Download: 10k+

Sweet Chat offers a delightful way to connect with new people, make friendships, and potentially find the love of life.

It is a fantastic app for chatting with strangers and enables multimedia sharing like photos and videos, voice messages, and calls.

The best part of this app is that both users must agree to chat, ensuring a safe and respectful platform where your privacy is protected. No one can disturb you without your permission, adding an extra layer of security to your interactions.

Download Sweet Chat App For Android.

Start meaningful conversations and share moments with Sweet Chat, where every connection begins with mutual understanding.

Features Of Sweet Chat

The features of Sweet Chat are listed below:-

  • Connect with New People: Sweet Chat is an app designed for making new connections.
  • Friendship Building: Make new friends create meaningful relationships, and find the love of your life
  • Multimedia Sharing: Share photos, videos, and voice memos during your conversations.
  • Voice and Video Calls: Sweet Chat enables you to make calls to communicate more personally with others.
  • Mutual Consent: Both users must agree to chat, ensuring a safe and respectful platform.
  • Privacy Protection: Your privacy is a priority, and no one can disturb you without your permission.
  • Security: Sweet Chat Adds an extra layer of security to your interactions.
  • Meaningful Conversations: Encourages meaningful and engaging discussions through the Sweet Chat app.

6. Chatous: Random Video Chat App

Chatous video call app

Chatous is a great app for talking to new people, just like other popular social platforms. It’s easy to use and has cool features. You can chat with different people effortlessly and even share photos.

This app cares about your privacy by deleting chats after some time. It’s simple to navigate with a friendly interface. Based on your profile, it suggests people with similar interests. You can use tags to connect with folks who like the same things.

Chatous makes chatting easy, quick, and secure while keeping things simple and private.

Features Of Chatous

The features of Chatous are listed below:-

  • Multimedia Sharing: Chatous app enables you to share photos, videos, and voice memos during your conversations.
  • Security: Chatous adds an extra layer of security to your interactions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It comes with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

7. Qeep: Free Video Chat App with Girl

qeep video chat app

Qeep is one of the long-standing apps available for both Android and iPhone users. It is a well-established video chat stranger app and comes with a unique feature including a photo blog, encouraging easy and interesting connections based on shared interests.

Qeep stands out by adding a personal touch to video chatting, making it a top choice for users who want more meaningful interactions than other apps offer.

Features Of Qeep:

The features of Qeep are listed below:-

  • Compatibility: available on Android and iPhones.
  • Long-standing: a well-established app with a track record.
  • Unique Feature: Has a unique feature of a Photo blog for easy and interesting connections.
  • Personalized Touch: Qeep stands out by adding a personal touch to video chatting.
  • Meaningful Interactions: Preferred choice for users seeking more meaningful interactions.

8. Telegram: Free Video Chat

Telegram is a popular app that connects people globally. It’s great for making friends and keeps your chats private and secure.

The cool part is messages can vanish by themselves, giving you extra privacy. You can also create groups with up to 200 friends, making it super flexible. Telegram ensures that your chats are super safe by encrypting them all the time.

So, chat away knowing your conversations are private and secure, and experience easy and private communication with Telegram app!

Features Of Telegram

The features of Telegram are listed below:-

  • Global Connectivity: Connect with people worldwide using Telegram.
  • Privacy Focus: Telegram keeps your chats private and secure.
  • Auto-Delete Messages: Messages will disappear automatically for added privacy.
  • Group Flexibility: Telegram allows you to create groups with up to 200 friends.
  • End-to-End Encryption: Ensure safety with encrypted chats via Telegram.

9.  Moco Free 1 on 1 Cam Chat

Moco stands out as a versatile and unique app offering a variety of features. Users can enhance their profiles with photos and videos.

The app facilitates connections with nearby users through location tracking, presenting a range of people to chat with. Moco provides flexibility in the sign-up, allowing you to link your Facebook profile or create an account using your email address.

It’s a user-friendly platform with diverse options for seamless connections.

Features Of Moco:

The features of Moco are listed below:-

  • Profile Enhancement: Moco personalizes your profile with photos and videos.
  • Location-Based Connections: Discover nearby users for convenient chatting.
  • Flexible Registration: Join Moco by choosing between linking your Facebook profile or creating an account with your email.
  • Diverse Interactive Options: Enjoy a variety of features for dynamic video chatting on Moco.

Download Moco Chat App For Android And Ios

10. Anonymous Chat

Anonymous 1 on 1 random video chat

Anonymous Chat stands out as a user-friendly tool for chatting with strangers. Its simple interface and handy features, including age, location, and preference filters, provide a personalized connection experience.

You can easily find users matching your interests using the search tool, and the location feature helps you to connect with nearby users.

Start chatting effortlessly and enjoy a customized interaction on Anonymous Chat.

Features Of Anonymous Chat

The features of Anonymous Chat are listed below:-

  • Easy Connection: Anonymous Chat allows you to connect effortlessly with strangers.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a simple and friendly platform with Anonymous Chat.
  • Age and Location Filters: Personalize your chat experience using Anonymous Chat.
  • Search Function: Find users with similar interests easily on Anonymous Chat.
  • Location Feature: Connect with nearby users on Anonymous Chat.


Finally, the Top 1 on 1 Video Call Free With Strangers provide a variety of options for enjoyable and random discussions. These apps are simple to use and contain interesting features. When meeting new people, it’s critical to be cautious about your safety and privacy. These applications can be a terrific way to meet new people, but it’s always a good idea to stay safe and have a happy experience.

FAQs About Top Free 1 on 1 Cam Chat with Strangers

Q. Are these  1-on-1 video call apps free?

A. Yes, all listed apps are free for video chats with strangers.

 Q. How do  1-on-1 video call apps ensure user safety and privacy?

A. These apps prioritize safety with features like reporting and blocking.

Q. Can I use these apps to meet strangers from specific regions?

A. Yes, many  1-on-1 video call apps let you connect with strangers globally, with filters for specific regions.

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