Happn Dating App: Review and Guide

As someone who has used the Happn social media app, I’m excited to share my experience with you.

Happn app is more than simply a platform, it’s a place where real-time connections take place.

Come along with me as I discover the charm of this app, where every interaction might be the start of a great story.

Happn dating app is a French-based mobile app and web application for connecting with people based on their location. Unlike other apps, it connects you with people you cross paths with in real life.

You can show some love on the app by liking or disliking other users, and the cool part is? If both individuals hit the like button, it’s a match!

History of Happn Dating App

Happn chat is a platform created by Didier Rappaport, Fabien Cohen, and Antony Cohen in July 2014 with 40,000 daily users. By January 2016, it had grown to 10 million users.

The user base remained steady and reached around 50 million globally by February 2019, with four million in France and nearly one million in Paris.

The company, which includes over one hundred employees, introduced a web version in 2021. However, in July 2021, co-founder Didier Rappaport left due to allegations of inappropriate behavior towards employees.

How Does Happen App Work?

Happen App

  The steps on how the Happ n app works are listed below:

  • Location Tracking: Enable location services to allow Happn com to track your real-time location.
  • Profile Creation: Set up your profile by adding photos and a bio that showcase your personality.
  • Discover Matches: The app shows you profiles of people you’ve crossed paths with in real life.
  • Like or Dislike: Swipe right to like someone or leave to pass. It’s a match if both users like each other!
  • Start Chatting: Start a conversation with your matches through the in-app chat feature.
  • Explore and Engage: Keep discovering new profiles and engaging with potential matches.
  • Profile Tips: Use the tips to optimize your profile for better visibility and connection.

Features of the Happn app

The features of the happened dating app are listed below:

  • Real-Life Connections: This app links you with people you’ve crossed paths with, making real-life connections easy.
  • Simple Likes and Matches: Users can express interest with likes or dislikes; mutual likes lead to matches for potential connections.
  • Large User Base: Join millions of users for a diverse range of potential matches that increase your chances of finding the right one.
  • Effective Profile Tips: The app provides profile tips to optimize the user’s profile by turning matches into memorable dates.

Review of Happn App

Review of Happn App

Happn app scores a solid 4.3 out of 5 stars on the App Store and is praised for its unique “path crossing” feature. However, some users in smaller cities noted a limited user base.

Google Play Store gives it a 3.5-star rating, expressing concerns about match unavailability. Despite varied feedback, Happn continues to be a mixed collection of user experiences.

Have a look here:

Pros and Cons Of Happn Dating App

Easy Setup: Happn app links effortlessly with Facebook or lets you log in via your mobile.Limited Reach: This app is not as effective in smaller towns or areas with a smaller dating pool.
Musical Connections: Sync your Spotify to share tunes and playlists, and add a fun twist to your conversations.Limited Match Information: Without upgrading, you get limited details about your matches, making it challenging to make connections.
Convenient Connections: Users can plan dates easily, especially if you often cross paths. Proximity notifications make Happn great for spontaneous meetups.Not the Most Popular: Compared to larger dating platforms like Match.com or popular apps like Tinder and Hinge, it might not have the same level of popularity. 
Verified Profiles: Users can boost their credibility by verifying their profile.

Is It Free To Download Happn Dating Site?

Yes, it is free to download happn app for android, ios and for pc. Use of Happ n app to build meaningful connections. Users can upgrade to the premium version and enjoy features like users can send up to 10 daily FlashNotes, focusing on profiles that match your criteria.

Enjoy unlimited likes, and reactions, and undo a pass with the “Second Chance” feature. Users can say goodbye to ads, control what they share, and use Invisibility Mode for a better experience.


The Happn app opens the door to a dating experience filled with genuine connections and exciting possibilities. Upgrade to the Happn Premium version for exclusive perks and take control of your dating journey.

FAQs About Happn App

Q. How does the Happn app work differently from other dating apps?

A. This app connects you with people you have crossed paths with and adds a unique touch to your dating experience making it more memorable.

Q. What’s the benefit of Happn app Premium?

A. With the Premium version, you instantly see who likes you, send daily FlashNotes, and enjoy unlimited likes and reactions.

Q. Can I control my privacy on Happn website?

A. Yes! Happn app lets you control what information you share and even offers Invisibility Mode to turn off the geolocation feature for added privacy.

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