Kippo Dating App: Review and Guide

Are you looking for an online dating platform? Well, I came across something unique – Kippo Dating App

It’s more than just a dating site; it’s a place where your unique interests are matched to make meaningful connections.

Personally, I had a great time meeting with others who share my interests. Spice up your dating journey and let’s explore more about the app.

History of Kippo Dating App

The Kippo app was created by David Park, an entrepreneur from California, U.S.A. The team behind Kippo dating app isn’t just tech experts; it includes professional gamers and Twitch streamers.

That is why Kippo isn’t just another app – it is more than that and truly understands what today’s gaming community seeks in dating. Kippo game is quickly becoming a popular dating app, with tens of thousands of active users. 

About Kippo App

About Kippo App

Kippo dating app for gamers is an exciting new dating app that is like a blend of Twitch and your favorite gaming website. Through this app, users can connect with like-minded individuals who share their interests and hobbies.

This app celebrates the love for video games in a world where it can be misunderstood. 

Forget hiding what you love because this app lets you proudly showcase your uniqueness. Beyond dating, the app’s social features create a vibrant community. It is user-friendly, fantastic, and perfectly aligned with your interests, making it the ideal dating app!

How Does Kippo Dating App Work?

To get started on Kippo dating app, the steps are listed below:

  • Login Options: Choose to log in with a phone number or email (with a phone number the process is quicker).
  • Confirmation: Confirm your phone number.
  • Complete Profile:

1. Enter your name.
2. Add your birthday.
3. Specify your gender identification.
4. Upload 4 photos showing your face clearly.
5. Allow location access.

  • Explore the Kippoverse: Jump right in or take a moment to create your avatar!
  • Avatar Customization: Change your avatar’s hair, skin color, outfit, and more! 

Features Of Kippo App

Features Of Kippo app

The features of the Kippo dating app are listed below:-

  • Customize Your Space: Personalize your avatar, change clothes, and fine-tune your profile for a unique touch.
  • Premium Perks: Unlock exclusive features as a paid member, including chat customization, unique profile cards, and more.
  • Kippoverse Arcade: Look into the virtual town arcade, a captivating and entertaining way to interact with other users.
  • Limitless Connections: Enjoy unlimited DMs, browsing, discovering who likes you, and enhancing your overall dating experience.


What makes the Kippo App Different From Other Apps?

  • Game-Like Fun: Experience a gaming vibe that is perfect for fans of Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley.
  • Virtual Social Space: Create your character and connect with others in a playful virtual world.
  • Diverse Interactions: Users can engage through the Kippoverse or use the streamlined match feature for various connection options.
  • Easy and Bold Design: The app’s design is bold and simple, ensuring a smooth digital experience for its users.

Kippo Dating App Review

The app has received a good rating of 3.85 out of 5 stars on both the Android and Apple Store. The fans love this dating app due to its uniqueness and fun factor that helps to make meaningful connections.

Moreover, the app matches the preferences who share common interests and considers the proper balance between physical attraction and emotional attraction. Despite the positive reviews, the app has negative reviews too.

Firstly, some users face unexplained account restrictions, requiring them to reach out to customer service for resolution.

Secondly, there are limitations on the unpaid accounts but they are not clearly communicated with the users which leaves them confused about their swipes and features.

Where to Download Kippo Dating App?

Kippo download here:

Pros and Cons of Kippo App

This app is designed for gamers and helps to promote connections over shared interests.Some advanced features require a subscription, and provide limited access for free users.
Express yourself with customizable avatars and unique personal spaces.The gaming focus may not appeal to those outside the gaming community.
Engage with others in a virtual town arcade for a fun and interactive dating experience.While growing, the app’s user base is not as extensive as more established dating platforms



In a nutshell, if you’re tired of the dating app routine and looking for a fun twist, dating app kippo game stands out as one of the most interesting and entertaining options. With this app transform your dating experience into a game-like adventure! For advanced features upgrade to the app’s premium version. Download the kippoapp today from the Apple or Google Play Store!

FAQs About Kippo Dating App

Q. What sets Kippo apart from other dating apps?

A. Kippo stands out by offering a fun game-like experience. You can create your own character and explore a virtual world, making dating a uniquely entertaining experience.

Q. Are there special features for paid members on Kippo?

A. Yes! Paid members enjoy extra features like chat customization and unlimited browsing. But don’t worry, the free version still gives you a great taste of what Kippo has to offer.

Q. Kippo Dating App: Review and Guide

A. The app is just like other swipe apps, but with a cool and simple design. You can explore the virtual Kippoverse or stick to the traditional matching feature for meaningful connections. 

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